International Commercial Arbitration

International Commercial Arbitration

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We are a conflict-free law firm and our lawyers also accept appointments as arbitrators

We specialize in Commercial Arbitrations both domestic and international. We have expert lawyers and network to advise our commercial clients on all sorts of commercial arbitrations involving complex matters with huge financial risks. Our lawyers believe that the ADRs are the best dispute resolution mechanism in commercial world. Most of the commercial disputes can be resolved by targeted negotiations only however if the disputes persist; an arbitration process should be triggered instead of going through a hefty litigation process. Arbitration is a process where we can also devise strategies to cap the costs and go for the best results.


Our lawyers have full command on the requirements of the arbitral tribunal and always devise a commercially viable strategy in all arbitrations. Many of our team members have conducted arbitrations relating to numerous sectors including the construction, aviation, oil and gas, energy and commercial. We are also fully equipped with expertise to advise our clients in relation to the bringing of claims under investment treaties against sovereign states, on behalf of both claimant investors and respondent states. United Kingdom has numerous BITs with different countries such as UAE and other gulf estates and more to come after the Brexit.


Our arbitration team comprises of lawyers and consultants not only from the United Kingdom but from Republic of Ireland, UAE, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, India and Pakistan as well. All our arbitration team members are fully qualified and members and fellows of CIArb and are fully familiar with the Rules of UNCITRAL and various distinguished arbitration forums such as SIAC, DIAC and ICC. Some of our team members are also eligible to represent our clients in DIFC courts in Dubai.

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