Dispute Resolution

We have the experience and expertise to manage important and high value cross-border and big-ticket arbitrations, but also have the scale and relationships to manage smaller day-to-day disputes, wherever they occur. Ideally placed to resolve disputes by the most effective means – whether through effective negotiation, litigation, arbitration or mediation – we focus on balancing a proportional response with achieving the optimal result for our clients.


We are particularly experienced at negotiating an amicable settlement for our clients where litigation does not suit either party. We successfully negotiated a settlement for a former security guard in an employment dispute with a Middle Eastern royal family. We negotiated a compensation of £78,000 for a commercial tenant who was on the verge of having their lease forfeited for alleged breaches of covenants in their lease.


We have experience of acting as legal representatives to parties in commercial mediation. Mediation can be an inexpensive method of resolving disputes through bilateral discussions between parties with the help of a mediator. All parties in a dispute have to consent to mediation. It may also be included as a means of dispute resolution in commercial agreements.


If a dispute cannot be resolved amicably through negotiation or mediation, it may be necessary to start court proceedings. We have experience of all types of civil and commercial litigation. Our lawyers have worked on high value commercial litigation in the High Court and smaller disputes in the County Court. Whether you are the claimant or defendant, our lawyers will provide the very best service to achieve a successful outcome for you or your business.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of different types of disputes that we have experience of handling.

We have a wealth of experience in oil and gas disputes that arise from Production Sharing Agreements involving international oil companies, state owned entities and government ministries.

We have vast experience in insolvency proceedings and disputes arising from bankruptcy. We helped a Kuwaiti investment house win a bankruptcy petition against a UK based software company for non-payment of £450,000. We have also helped a company resolve disputes arising from the compulsory winding-up of its commercial tenant which owed a substantial sum of money to our client.

We have a successful track record of representing shareholders that have multi-faceted disputes. We represented a client who was wrongfully ejected by the joint shareholder from the business that they bought for £600,000. We secured third party funding for this dispute.

We have significant expertise in this area helping both lessors and lessees. We acted for a restaurant owner whose lease was forfeited by the landlord for rent arrears. We successfully argued in the Particulars of Claim that the landlord had in fact waived its right to forfeiture forcing the landlord to re-open our client’s restaurant before any Court hearing. We won substantial damages for our client in the Central London County Court along with costs.

We have significant experience in this area. Our lawyers have worked on multi-million pound construction disputes in the Middle East and in the UK dealing with delay and variation claims, contractual breaches, misrepresentation claims and other related claims such as damages to the environment.

We regularly act for clients with disputes arising from commercial agreements. We assisted many businesses recover their losses after breaches of contract. We have provided advice on implied terms in a contract that may entitle a party to redress.

Negligence is a form of tortious liability, which arises when there is a duty of care. We have successfully represented clients claim for or defend against negligence.

Allegations of misrepresentation are common in contractual disputes. Parties allege that they were induced to enter into a contract to their detriment, because they had relied on certain representations made by the other side which turned out to be false. We have a successful track record of claiming and defending against misrepresentation.

Freelancers often provide their services pursuant to Service Level Agreements which may lead to disputes over pay, performance targets, and confidentiality and so on. We have successfully represented clients solve these types of disputes. Our success stands out in the case of a freelancer whose employer was wound up, but we managed to make the managing director accept liability for a huge debt owed to our client.

We have a significant amount of experience in dealing with membership disputes which arise in unincorporated associations i.e. charities and members’ clubs. These are essentially contractual disputes, because members or trustees conduct themselves pursuant to a governing document which operates as a contract between them.

Disputes between directors are common when their relationships break down. We have a wealth of experience advising directors in disputes that may involve a multitude of different issues such as intellectual property, constructive dismissal, defamation and corporate abuse.

Almost all businesses and charities might have an employment dispute at some point. We have experience of advising on unfair dismissal and discrimination matters. We are particularly experienced at securing a negotiated settlement for employees or employers. We have also advised clients on disputes arising from redundancy, breaches of restrictive covenants and allegations of stealing confidential data.

Breaches of personal data and other confidential information is a major concern for businesses and charities alike. We have represented clients with data protection claims.

Businesses and charities often have intellectual property rights such as copyright and trademark. We have experience of dealing with cases where there has been an infringement of intellectual property rights.

We are regularly instructed to carry out investigations within businesses, charities or membership organisations. We have vast experience in this field whether investigating employment practices, breaches of organisational rules, allegations of mismanagement and so on. We work closely with our clients to produce detailed reports and provide recommendations.

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