International Arbitration

We have a particular experience of working in new and emerging markets resolving cross border disputes through international arbitration. Our lawyers have worked on international arbitration matters in London, Dubai and Doha for clients operating in multiple jurisdictions. Some of our international arbitration clients are based in South Asia and the Middle East because our lawyers speak languages in those jurisdictions such as Arabic, Bengali, Urdu and Panjabi. We work alongside our global network of partner law firms to ensure clients have access to specialist advice wherever they do business.

At his previous firm, Khaled Moyeed represented the Yemeni Ministry of Oil and Minerals and the Government of Yemen on a number of international arbitrations and an investment treaty arbitration. The value of these arbitrations ranged from US$35million to US$1billion.

Khaled is experienced at running an arbitration from the start to the end acting for both Claimant and Respondent. By way of example, Khaled represented the Yemeni Ministry of Oil and Minerals in a dispute arising from a Production Sharing Agreement for the exploration of oil against an Indian oil company. His experience includes:

  • Assisting the client with the selection and appointment of an arbitrator
  • Drafting the Terms of Reference, Procedural Rules and the Procedural Timetable
  • Drafting a range of written submissions i.e. Statement of Defence and Counterclaim, Rejoinder and Answer to the Request for Arbitration and Counterclaims
  • Making an application for interim relief, defending an interim relief application and conducting hearings on interim relief
  • Conducting case management conferences with the Tribunal
  • Managing the production of documents
  • Preparing for and conducting oral hearings.

Innovative approaches

Traditional law firms haven’t as yet been able to adapt to new ways of working.  Here at Exons, we are developing new ways of providing cost effective and innovative solutions to our clients.

Ditch the billable hour!

Increasingly, clients want certainty regarding fees, but the dreaded “billable hour” used by traditional law firms does not cut the mustard. We are now able to provide our clients monthly retainers or fixed fee quotes for arbitration advice. This means that there are no shocks or nasty surprises when clients receive their invoice.

Arbitration bolt-on to counsel teams

Businesses engaged in cross border transactions often have corporate lawyers in their in-house counsel teams. In-house arbitration lawyers are few and far between. Nobody likes to think that they would get into a dispute. However, when disputes do arise, seeking good quality arbitration advice from traditional law firms can be expensive.

We have devised a number of affordable counsel packages in the shape of monthly retainers to provide ongoing arbitration or dispute resolution advice, essentially, by being “bolted-on” to clients’ existing counsel teams. This has the following added advantages:

  • Clients do not have to enter into a new agreement each time they need advice especially where they might have multiple subsidiaries; and
  • It helps develop a deep understanding of clients’ business needs over the course of the retainer


Law firms sometimes require additional support on large arbitration matters, but it can be difficult to find sufficiently experienced arbitration counsel on short term contracts. We can help with this too, and are happy to discuss collaboration.

Please contact our international arbitration team on 020 3500 1447 or for a no-obligation, confidential chat.