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Considering the long history between Pakistan and the United Kingdom, there is a large network of businesses and high net worth individuals who maintain their presence in both countries. Exons aim to provide clear and efficient advice in relation to matters crossing into both jurisdictions.

During recent years, Pakistan’s economic growth has shown huge potential. China’s $4.8 billion investment into the Gwadar shipping port is designed to revolutionise the city into one of the best shipping ports seen to date. Furthermore, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development’s 2020 World Investment Report displays a trend of growth in the level of international investments taking place in Pakistan. This continuous growth and visible progress with the projects in Gwadar highlight the potential Pakistan has.

Ehsan Chughtai, the Managing Partner at Exons heads our Pakistan desk. He is a solicitor in England and Wales and the Republic of Ireland and an advocate of the High Court of Lahore. Ehsan’s first-hand experience comes with an established network of contacts in the legal and business community in England and Wales and Pakistan. He is fluent in English, Urdu and Punjabi.